About this List

Someone on Reddit wished there was a list of all the times museums were free and so I made one, but included all the non-free places because they're usually worth the money. This is so far the places I found off of Wikipedia and Yelp. I've also included a few galleries, but by no means have made an exhaustive list of those.

See the list here. It was tested on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

This is just a start and since I put together most of it by hand, I'm sure there are a few mistakes or typos. Let me know what you think at dan@danwin.com or leave a comment on my blog.

– Dan Nguyen - Feb. 23, 2011
Update: Mentions by the Wall Street Journal, Village Voice, and my own blog.

How the list was made

I started off with the list of NYC museums found at Wikipedia and cross-referenced it with Yelp's list. Then I visited the homepage of each site to figure out their hours, their free times, and their social media pages. Since each page has its own design – some of them very convouluted – it's likely I missed a few things, which is part of why I wanted to make this in the first place.

I tried to follow Edward Tufte's design principles and the list is meant to work without too much overhead, though I added the Google map because it's fun to see the distribution of locations. I used itouchmap.com's nifty geocoding site for quick lookups of lat/long coordinates; super helpful.

If you see any omissions or errors, please email me at dan@danwin.com. I would love to make a subsection of the many, many art galleries in NYC, for instance.

Will there be a mobile app?

Lots of people have pointed this out; I think it'd be great too, though I definitely don't want to leave web users behind, as much of an Apple freak as I am. The next step will be, now that I know how different the datapoints can be, to make a regular data-format for what I have, make a real web-app so that this is easy to maintain, and release the data so that others can make (better) apps.

What I learned

Not to do this by hand again. But at least I acquainted myself with dozens of places I had never heard of before. I'm most interested in visiting the Jamaica Wildlife Refuge, the Drawing Center, the Neue Galerie, and Wave Hill, among many other interesting sites I discovered.

My favorite places

The MOMA was the first-ever museum membership I bought and I have only regretted not being able to go as much as I want. The New York Public Library would be an official museum anywhere else but happens to be a great place to plugin your laptop and study. The Brooklyn Museum's Target First Saturdays is one of the best community parties in the city.

My Flickr account has a set of museum-related photos; check them out here. I also have a photo tumblr for things I like in New York.

If you can't make it to some of these sites, be sure to check out The Google Art Project, which contains the Met and MOMA works, among others. You can view the artworks so close-up that you can practically feel the museum guards tackling you to the ground.

How much money I'm making off of this

None...(for now *pathetic cackle*). If this list was useful to you, you should visit the museum websites (included on the list as a brown icon) and pick up a few memberships. Or donate to Wikipedia, or make an account on Yelp, whose API was helpful. Google's services are pretty good, too.

Brooklyn Museum Target First Saturday Night - Aug. 7, 2010, Haiti Fundraiser
The Brooklyn Museum's First Saturday, in my limited experience with block parties, is the best monthly block party held by a museum – or anyone– in the city.